Check with whoever is conducting your ceremony that they are happy to have me present, reassure them that I never use flash during the ceremony or get in the way. Neverless, some will banish me to the back of the room and some put a ban on photos altogether and it's definitely best to be aware of any restrictions before the day so that you're not disappointed afterwards. If this does happen there is usually nothing that can be done about it. Most registrars are the most relaxed and friendly people I have ever come across so getting a licence to photograph your ceremony will not be a problem.


After the ceremony, do let me know if you're planning confetti, I can organise everyone to put away their mobile phones and to throw it altogether at the same time creating some beautiful photos. 


Regarding mobile phones (and ipads) - you could ask your guests to put down their devices and watch the wedding with their own eyes and feel it with their hearts. Reassure guests that they'll have full access to the photos later and can download as they choose.